Data transfer

This service covers the transfer of your data and system settings from your old computer to a new one, or onto a disk, or a thumb drive.

This only covers your documents, pictures and music. Client supplies own media or can purchase from Net-techs.

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Data recovery

Lost some important files, pictures? We can recover data from a broken computer, a crashed hard drive. NOTE: we are not liable for data lost during the recovery attempts.

We will not proceed with a recovery attempt if we believe it will cause further damage and data loss.

The $40.00 charge is applicable even if it’s an unsuccessful recovery attempt.

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Data backup

We will save your important files or establish a regular backup routine so you can save your data to DVD, a thumb drive, portable hard drive or the cloud.

Creating a back up routine is the most important thing that you can do for your data. It’s the only sure way to prevent data loss.

Do not rely on your equipment to preserve your data, no matter how new the equipment is.

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