Watch out for Microsoft Windows phone scam

October 30, 2017 adminroger

One of my regular clients had a pop come up telling her that she was infected and needed to call Microsoft right away for help.

If you don’t know much about computers just know this: no computer or software company will ever call you up on the telephone unless you call them first; just like banks that call you about your account or your credit card. If they do then they are a scam.

Unfortunately in her case she called them before she called me. She called in and they remote in her laptop and cost her $140, for what? She was never told what she had. She also mentioned to me that she noticed that her webcam light came on so she blocked it. The person at the other end asked her why did she cover her webcam?

I told her to keep  an eye on her cam, and the computer starts acting up or slowing down to give me a call. They probably left something on her hard drive to grab some banking or personal information from her. She will definitely need to have her computer cleaned out, I would not trust them. Better safe  than sorry!!

Here is a write up on this scam from the National Post.